What is Gold Coast Waterwatch?

We are an excellent community that makes efforts to understand, explore and monitor the condition of waterways - our most precious natural asset. We have a massive team of volunteers who follow the latest methods to identify the issues in the water bodies and try to find ideas to tackle them.
How Can I join the community?

If you are interested in joining our community, the first thing you need to do is to contact our executive. They will take some basic details, and then our experts will have a word with you regarding your qualification, ideas, etc. Then you can join our community. The entire process is very easy!

How many volunteers do you have?

We have more than 300 volunteers, and it is increasing continuously. All our volunteers are concerned about the condition of the waterways. Thus, they want to make efforts, and things can improve a little bit. Our volunteers consist of people of different age groups, but they work together and support each other.

What qualification do I need to join you?

Anybody who is concerned about the environment can become a member of our community. Our network is made up of individuals and groups who undertake actions to maintain good water quality. So, a graduation degree would be enough to join us and help to raise community awareness about the condition of the water.

Is monitoring water quality helpful?

Gold Coast Waterwatch is doing an excellent job monitoring water quality. It is beneficial because it helps other communities and individuals who want to know about the exact condition of the waterways in this region and other parts of Brisbane, Queensland. We provide a date which shows if there is any improvement or not.

What are your programs?

Our community provides different types of program which will help an individual or a Waterwatch group to understand the waterways and monitor the quality of the water. Litter management, environmental education, data management, aquatic research, safety measures, and restoration of water bodies are also included in our list of programs.

Is there any manual that you follow?

Yes, we do! Waterwatch can be a confusing task when you are doing it for the dirt time. Therefore, we religiously follow a manual that our seasoned experts have prepared. It has detailed and step by step information about everything that you need to do. All our volunteers get this manual.

What are the different methods to test the water quality?

If you want to test the quality of the water, then there are different ways you need to follow. You can perform the test on the basis of Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, pH Level, Electrical Conductivity, Turbidity, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Macroinvertebrates. If you want to know in detail, visit the ‘Methods’ page.

Do you organise events on Waterwatch?

We organise different events for the volunteers and other individuals and communities. These events focus on various aspects of the Waterwatch and always provide you with some valuable information. If you want to know about our upcoming events, you need to visit our event section.

What is the importance of Waterwatch?

In today’s lifestyle, people are so busy that they do not have time to take care of nature. Therefore, it essential to spread awareness about the condition of nature, and waterways plays a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem. The Waterwatch is an initiative from various communities and volunteers to keep track of the water bodies.

How much does it cost to join Gold Coast Waterwatch?

If you want to join the community, you can do it at free of cost. We do not charge any amount for anyone because the objective of the group is to make some valuable contribution to nature. All you might need to take care of is the expense of your own tools to monitor the water condition.

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