About Us


We Take Responsibility

The water flowing through the rivers, creeks, estuaries, canals, and man-made
lakes into our oceans make an impact on the habitat of almost all aquatic
species. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the water quality of the
lakes, river, etc., is in good condition, and our volunteers do that. Gold Coast
monitor the water quality of all the natural and constructed
waterways throughout the region. Around 250 locations from 20 waterways in
this region are included in our program. These sites include the beaches, rivers,
broadwater, canals, freshwater and tidal lakes, creeks, etc. We understand how
important these waterways are for nature, so it is essential to improve their
overall condition.

Our Vision

As a community, we want all the waterways in Gold Coast and other parts of
Queensland should be in their best condition, so it has a positive impact on the
overall nature, including the insects, plants, animals, and humans. All rivers,
lakes, beaches, etc., should be free from pollution of any kind.

Our Mission

We want to increase the size of the community by adding more and more
volunteers. They make constant effort to improve the condition of the waterways
and spread awareness among other people. When we have more members, our

community will organise more events, and that will improve the on-site
monitoring of the quality of water.

Our Experience

Our community is keeping an eye on the overall condition of the lakes, canals,
rivers in the Gold Coast for last many years. With time, we have become more
knowledgeable and professional. We also have a team of experts who are
involved in such a task for decades. They share their knowledge with the young
volunteers who join our community.

How We Contribute

The data we prepare can provide information on how the waterways in Gold Coast have changed over the years. It can also show the natural fluctuations or local issues that are ongoing and emerging. The information we provide also demonstrate whether our efforts or activities to save and restore the waterways are improving the condition or not. We also help in the catchment planning.

250+ Sites
1200+ Issues Found
34 Experts

Our Water Quality Information

The water quality information that Gold Coast Waterwatch provide can help in several ways. It provides information on the ecological health of the waterways. You can compare it with the water quality standards of Queensland and Australia.
Monitoring the impact of rehabilitation efforts of the community and waterway management strategies.
Evaluating the changes in water quality as per the modification in the landscape.
Provide information about general water quality for the student as well as public enquiries.


Key Members

At Gold Coast Waterwatch, we have a massive team of volunteers who make a
lot of efforts. However, there are some important members of our team who
provide guidance to monitor local waterways properly.

Thomas White

Thomas joined our community six years ago and since then making a vital
contribution in monitoring the waterways in this region.

Henry Thomas
Land Manager

He helps our community with his ideas to maintain and develop waterways,
rangelands, forests and other similar sites.

Noah Walker

She provides guidance to all the volunteers regarding the methods to test the
water quality and identify the issues.

Oliver Campbell
Environmental Educator

His in-depth knowledge about the environment has helped hundreds of our
volunteers to monitor the quality of waterways perfectly.

How to Join Us?

We have hundreds of volunteers who monitor different sites of various waterways to improve their condition. If you are also interested in joining us, here is a simple way.

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