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Gold Coast Waterwatch is an excellent community that has dedicated volunteers. We spread awareness and make constant efforts to protect and improve the condition of the lakes, river and other water bodies in this region. We are focused on stretching the size of our community by including more potential and dedicated volunteers. Our community organises events and programs to let people understand the importance of water bodies in the region. We closely watch the overall condition of the canals, rivers, lakes and rivers in the Gold Coast. If you have any query, feel free to contact us today.
Water Monitoring
Flora and Fauna Surveys
Litter Management
Educate School and Community

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Our community members work on various Waterwatch projects simultaneously and try their level best to complete them in the best possible manner. These projects reveal some vital finding and spread awareness.

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We started this community a few years back, and since then, we have formed partnerships with other communities, government, and other institutions. It has helped us to sustainably address problems that affect the water quality and overall health of the Gold Coast waterways. If you would like to get involved in our group, we would be happy to welcome you to our Waterwatch program.

128 Events
54 Projects
315 Volunteers

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“We are so busy in our professionals and personal life that we do not care about nature. We have formed this community to monitor, protect and improve waterways, which is one of the most precious natural assets. Join Gold Coast Waterwatch to make a valuable contribution to nature.”


Steve Robinson

From time to time, we organise different types of event in order to spread awareness among the students, other communities and concerned people. Here is basic information about our most recent events.
Here are some testimonials of our volunteers that will give you an idea about our community.
We Focus On
We are one of the leading Waterwatch communities in the Gold Coast because we pay attention to the essential aspects of the waterways and the problems. We focus on:
The Aquatic Zone
We pay attention to understanding the aquatic zone. It includes gathering information about the wetland plants and their types, habitats, freshwater plant, animal, fish species, etc. It also includes the preparation of a chart of waterbird and examining all these factors in detail.
Human Impacts on Waterways
The use of catchment by humans has modified the environment. This has made an impact on the quality as well as the quantity of the flow of the water. We focus on the human impact on waterways and how it is affecting native vegetation, animal life and soils.
Water Bug Survey
Water bugs, also know as macroinvertebrates are small creatures that are visible with the naked eye. Different types of water bugs have different tolerances level to pollution, so they can indicate the overall health of the waterway. A healthy waterway has an extensive variety of water bugs.
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